Core Technology and Application

Defu Technology

Basic Theory and Microscopic Study of Copper Foil
The performance of electrolytic copper foil is influenced by its own crystal structure, and through reasonable regulation of additives in the electrolysis process, the reaction potential of copper deposition can be changed, affecting the microstructure and morphology of copper foil. Through decades of technological precipitation, Defu Technology has focused on breaking through key topics such as the physical property correlation of micro grain properties, research on material stress and elastic modulus characteristics, and theoretical models of copper foil roughness.
Ultra fine coarsening
Additive technology

The purpose of customized design is to combine low roughness and sufficient peel strength
into the development trend of lightweight PCB boards and the low transmission loss
characteristics of high-frequency high-speed lines. High polymer additives have been developed
to achieve the goal of customized design for copper foil surface copper nodules. This
technology also takes into account low roughness and sufficient peel strength, becoming the
key to copper foil manufacturing technology.

Low ferromagnetic barrier layer
Electrodeposition technology

There are factors in the metal barrier layer of copper foil in electronic circuits that hinder signal transmission, and these effects will be further amplified in high-speed PCBs. In response to this phenomenon, a low ferromagnetic metal barrier layer has been developed, which to some extent reduces the loss during signal transmission

Silane coupling agent
Adaptation technology

Based on customer needs, targeted development of silane coupling agent adaptation technology has improved the chemical bonding performance of copper foil with different types of high-frequency high-speed resin substrates.

Analytical testing


COMSOL Multiphysical Field Simulation
Field emission scanning electron microscope
laser confocal microscope
Vector network analyzer

Vector network analyzer