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Sustainable development is vital to the lifeblood of enterprises and, more importantly, to the future of mankind. Defu Technology is committed to technological innovation and green development, and strives to promote the whole industrial chain to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

Environmental protection

The company always adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to technological innovation and green development of the experience concept, for the environmental construction of sustainable investment in necessary resources. To establish perfect sewage treatment equipment resources, strengthen the use of recycled water after treatment, and regularly conduct tripartite tests on external drainage and environmental factors, so as to protect the environmental survival interests of enterprise employees, local communities and surrounding residents. Strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations, actively reduce and eliminate pollution sources, and ensure that the "three wastes" discharge standards. Certification and operation of environmental management system, regular organization of internal and external environmental factors investigation and rectification, strengthen management, solidification measures, to promote the sustainable and stable operation of environmental management system.

Carbon emission management

The company develops medium - and long-term emission reduction action plans, and ultimately aims to achieve the goal of carbon dioxide emission. Annual review and evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions and product carbon footprint, and issue a statement report. Reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption through technological innovation, maximize the use of renewable energy and recyclable materials, improve energy efficiency and management level, and build a clean, low-carbon energy supply system.

Social welfare

The company attaches great importance to the practice of corporate citizenship and social citizenship, takes the fulfillment of social responsibility as the obligatory mission, creates value for investors, employees, customers, supply chain and the public, integrates into the society, serves the society and contributes to the society. While developing the enterprise, it actively participates in various public welfare poverty alleviation activities, donating money to students, and pays back the society with practical actions. The company adheres to the concept of serving users, keeps up with national policies and industry frontiers, focuses on "new materials, new processes and new fields", scientifically allocates innovation resources, improves innovation incentive mechanism, and promotes sharing and integration of innovation achievements. The company adheres to the marketing concept of market-oriented and customer-oriented, strengthens the connection between production, sales, research and application, responds to and meets customer needs efficiently, and achieves enterprise income increase while creating and sharing good results with customers, striving to generate tax revenue for the country and repay society and citizens.

Employee care

The company is committed to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, safeguarding the physical and mental health of employees, and providing a harmonious, healthy and safe working environment for employees. Anti-discrimination, anti-forced and compulsory Labour, dignity and respect for all personnel. Make every employee enjoy equal opportunities in promotion, welfare and training. At the same time, pay attention to the training of employees, provide effective health and safety training guidance to employees on a regular basis, and invest training resources in all aspects to stimulate the career development of employees.

Moral style

The company adheres to a fair and clean style of doing things, to ensure that the entire company operates in a clean atmosphere, so that all people get legal rights and interests and protection. To eliminate commercial bribery and corruption, encourage every employee to report bribery and corruption anonymously. Abide by business ethics, fair trade competition, safeguard customer interest, respect intellectual property rights and fulfill confidentiality obligations

Sustainable procurement

The company will introduce major suppliers in the form of bidding. On the premise of ensuring the quality and ability of suppliers, the company will give priority to the actions taken by suppliers in environmental protection, health and safety, labor rights and interests, conflict mineral management, energy and resources utilization and other aspects as the selection conditions, so as to promote the sustainable development of supply chain.

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