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Jiujiang Defu Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise with highly independent intellectual property rights. Its main business is R&D, production and sales of electrolytic copper foil. Its products mainly include various kinds of high-performance cyprinic copper foil and electronic circuit copper foil. The company has established close cooperative relations with Ningde Times, LG Chemical, BYD, Guoxuangao, Shengyi Technology and other customers. The company has strong scientific research strength, is a national high-tech enterprise, and the establishment of post-doctoral workstation, analysis and testing center has passed the CNAS national accreditation laboratory certification review, with the ability to issue independent industry testing report.

The main business is the research and development, production, and sales of electrolytic copper foil.Products include: dual light copper foil 4-10 microns for new energy vehicle power lithium batteries, high-temperature high elongation copper foil (HTE) 12-210 microns for electronic circuit applications, and flexible copper foil (FCF), actively developing and promoting ultra-low profile copper foil (HVLP), reverse treated copper foil (RTF), and other special application copper foils for 5G applications
Gansu Lanzhou Production Base

Gansu Defu New Materials Co., Ltd. was jointly established in 2018 by Jiujiang Defu Technology (51%), Baiyin Group (38%), Gansu Xinglong Capital (10%), and Lanzhou New Area Investment Control Company (1%). The company covers an area of 670 acres and is planned to be the largest copper foil production base in China with an annual output of 200000 tons. There are currently over 1000 employees, and the company's main business is the research and development, production, and sales of electrolytic copper foil. Copper foil products cover two downstream industries: printed circuit boards (PCBs) and lithium-ion batteries. The main products include 12-105 microns for PCBs and 4-10 microns for power battery grade copper foil.

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The establishment of the company, began to carry out continuous electrolytic copper foil production and research and development
The company has developed copper foil for single - sided lithium battery.
The company obtained the national patent certificate for 22 patents, and passed the acceptance of the ultra-thin high-grade copper foil technical transformation project in December, and obtained the financial support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
The department set up a doctoral workstation and research and development center; In the same year, 22 sets of high-precision electrolytic machines were added, and the annual capacity of lithium foil and copper foil for electronic circuits was 10,000 tons.
The company completed research and development of 6 micron high modulus lithium copper foil products, and started customer promotion; The annual production capacity of lithium foil and electronic foil reaches 13,000 tons.
The high tensile lithium copper foil research and development project was selected as Jiangxi Province major Science and technology Special project; The company has been certified by IATF16949 system.
The company has been rated as a potential unicorn enterprise in Jiangxi Province: the development of 4.5 micron ultra-thin copper foil has been successful, and customer promotion has begun: passed the quality and capability assessment of VDA 6.3 standard of German Automobile Industry Association: Lanzhou Phase I has been put into production, Jiujiang Phase III and Lanzhou Phase II have been started construction, and the overall annual production capacity of electrical foil and electronic circuit foil has reached 30,000 tons.
The company has been rated as a state-level specialized and innovative "Little giant" enterprise and a national enterprise technology center. The introduction of industrial capital war battery copper foil. The company developed a single - sided light lithium ton.
Road copper foil annual capacity of 10,000 high-precision electrolytic machine line 22 research and development centers; In the same year, the new division established doctor workstation and set, lithium foil and electronic certificate.
IATF16949 system recognized high tensile lithium copper foil research and development project was selected as Jiangxi Province major science and technology Special; The company passed to 49,000 tons.
The establishment of post-doctoral research stations; Electrolytic copper foil has a total production capacity of 12.5 tons, ranking first in domestic capital. On September 30th, through the municipal committee meeting of the Stock exchange, it is ready to be listed in the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
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